ChatGPT for Google Sheets and Docs
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ChatGPT for Google Sheets and Docs

Learn how to use ChatGPT and OpenAI GPT-3 from Google Sheets and Google Docs.


Clean lists

GPT for Sheets simple and intuitive's GPT_FILL function makes it easy to quickly clean and standardize any list of data. You only need to show it a few examples of what you want and it will replicate the same format throughout your data set - perfect for mass cleaning!

Generate tags

GPT for Sheets helps you generate product tags quickly, to power your product tags library. Dynamically create custom tags for your products, saving you time in making your products easier to find.

Generate ad copy, taglines, titles

GPT for Sheets can help you create eye-catching, on-brand ad copy, taglines, and subject lines that will engage your customers. Unlock the power of GPT to conveniently and quickly generate compelling marketing content for your business.

Generate a description

GPT for Sheets can help you create high-quality, compelling product descriptions quickly and easily for your entire catalog, directly in your spreadsheet. It makes PIM a dream.

Generate an outline

GPT for Docs can help you quickly generate an outline, saving you time and energy to focus on crafting an engaging, captivating story. Let GPT provide you with the structure and you provide the creativity, to create a blog post outline that will captivate and engage your readers.

Generate a blog post, email, speech

GPT for Docs can generate any kind of copy, short or long, on any topic, in any style, very quickly. 1000 blog posts of 1000 words will cost you roughly $27 in API calls.

Recap a meeting, summarize notes

GPT for Docs can help you save time by automatically creating summaries for your meetings so you can quickly recap important points and action items with your team in efficient and understandable ways.

Rephrase in perfect English

GPT for Docs can rewrite your emails or documents in flawless English. Stop looking unprofessional because of your language skills!